Enabling Innovation

Time-to-market and productivity boost are the distinct benefits that you can leverage from our team as you move along the innovation path.

  • Software product engineering
  • Prototype /proof of concepts
  • Integrated PLC tool suit
  • Optimized dev-test-deploy cycle
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Engineering Solutions

Avail specialized software product development services with a focus on engineering & technology. Our practices are tuned to engineer products.

  • Multi-tier technology stack expertise
  • Adaptive agile engagement
  • Solution architecture & design
  • End-to-end project ownership
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Data Consulting

Leverage our expertise on new-age tools to support data analytics needs. Our analytics as a service suite lets you bootstrap your analytics projects.

  • Real-time data patterns with CEP
  • Business Intelligence & Warehouse
  • Visualization & Reporting engines
  • Big data technology stack
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Technology Focus

Cloud Platforms

We have built a strategic relationship with the cloud platform to provide professional and manageable services to the enterprises. Our cloud services are easy to integrate, scalable, resilient along with high-performance object storage and databases for various applications.

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Enterprise Java

Java based solutions are scalable and dynamic to address the business needs. We provide custom software development and end-to-end services to help the enterprise in methodologies, tools, frameworks, solution design, and techniques.

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Data Analytics

Simplify data complexity to design solutions based on Star Schema and Snowflake architectures. Our expertise lies in using tools like Oracle, Informatica, SQL Server (SSRS, SSIS and SSAS), Micro Strategy, Pentaho, Cognos and SpagoBI.

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Enterprise Mobility

Mobile technologies are in a state of flux. The number of platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows etc) makes for greater churn in the marketplace and consequently creates constraints on what can be delivered to the end user quickly.

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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things technology is all about connecting things, services, and people to the internet to create opportunities for the business. By adopting IoT strategy and technology, business gains positive results.

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Big Data

Leverage the power of Big Data to provide insights and reach the critical aspects of business in real-time. We overcome the data challenges and support predictive analytics by choosing right infrastructure solutions.

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